A New Addition

Committing to Growth and Offering Choice

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Wesson, a leading U.S. brand of canola and vegetable cooking oils. We are excited to welcome this iconic brand into our current quality-driven product offering.


A True Fit

Bringing Quality Ingredients to the Table

We are in the food and ingredients business but more than that, we source grains and oilseeds directly from growers, building strong connections from the farm to theĀ consumers' table. With a rich history and brand values that align with our own, we are excited to welcome the Wesson brand to the Richardson family of products - it just makes sense.

Our Commitment

Establishing a Positive Presence in Our Communities

We are proud of our long legacy of investing in and supporting the communities our customers and employees call home. We look forward to expanding our business into the Memphis community and are committed to the plant, the employees, and a continued U.S. presence for manufacturing and distribution.


World-Class Innovation

The Richardson Innovation Centre will draw customers, suppliers and partners from around the globe and will showcase our products and cutting edge research in a unique, state-of-the-art setting.

A Growing Legacy

For over a century, Wesson has been the cooking oil of choice in American homes and we believe that discerning customers will continue to seek out high quality foods produced in responsible ways. To feed a growing world with healthy and wholesome food, we support sustainable agriculture, encourage collaboration with our suppliers and care about the integrity of our manufacturing processes. Since 1857, we have done this not only because it is good business but because it is who we are.